About Us

Inspired By Excellence & Innovation

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Wilmington Metropolitan University LLC (WMU) is a multi-disciplinary university. We are a comprehensive university which offers a wide variety of academic and professional programs and courses through either conventional or distance learning, with the aim for global outreach. WMU’s objective is to pursue an ambitious agenda of transforming the life of our learners to become responsible and respected corporate citizens.

We are committed to proactively engage with our learners and to prepare them to meet the challenges of the changing world. We offer a wide range of programs in numerous disciplines via our associate learning centers.

WMU (File: 4085842) is registered in 2005 in the U.S.A.

Our Values

We endeavor in engaging all our stakeholders in realizing common goals and objectives in building nations, societies, corporations, and individuals.
To develop a transformational academic experience for learners in the aspects of academic and professional knowledge for career advancement and success; interpersonal communication skills; and leadership qualities.
Dome Roof
The dome shape signifies the ‘power’ to self-determine our destiny. It is a focal point of assembly: gathering of intellectual minds in the pursuit of knowledge, excellence, and wisdom.
The eagle represents the spirit of America. In flight, it is majestic. It has a long life and great strength.
Five Pillars
Pillars signify support to those in need. The five pillars represent our core values.
Our stakeholders consist of people with great diversity in terms of ability, academic commitment, culture, ethnicity, gender orientation, nationality, opinion, religion, socio-economic status, views, and others.
We strive to provide conducive learning environment and scholastic experience to our learners.
It is more than honesty. It encompasses a person’s ethical principles and high moral standards in our daily lives. It is the foundation pillar where we build relationships based on trust, mutual understanding and the willingness to accept one another beliefs and opinions.
Whenever a goal or objective is formulated, we must endeavor to persist in doing the tasks that are required to achieve the goal. Not giving up until the goal becomes a success is the hallmark of perseverance.
It is the ultimate benchmark when we have acquired and are utilizing the knowledge. It is the culmination of quality education, experience, excellent thinking, and judgment to be respected as a wise person.


The programs are offered on five levels & in each of the levels, there are different disciplines in Business, ICT, Management, and Psychology in their respective majors.

  • Certificate

  • Diploma

  • Advanced Diploma

  • Bachelor

  • Masters

  • Doctoral